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Where the Hell have you been Qualls?!

Qualls, Apr 12, 12 5:20 AM.

    I'm sure some of you have probably been asking this so I'll be straight up with you. I've been playing Xbox Live...a lot of it...and working my skinny ass off at work. I got a new xbox game and started playing that which in turn got me back into playing Battlefield 3 and Skyrim...yep lol. So I eventually just lost interest in Rift entirely and I have my reasons.

    Everyone knows that I had a lag issue because of my graphics card and yes this is a big reason as to why I haven't been playing. I got to 50 which was a boring road to get there...and an even more bigger bore to me as I suffered countless wipes and fails because the lags in raids were unbearable for me. Why don't you just upgrade your pc you ask? Because I don't have the money at the moment. I now have to buy a new car...but besides that I haven't been having fun with the game.

    Rift is a great game, but the more I think about it the more it feels like the game was an unfinished product. Now don't get me wrong, they add a ton of content to it by the days and a ton of good updates. But the environments are drab and boring to me. It may just be my graphics card, but nothing really stands out in the world of Rift. Also, my characters are ugly as fud. My progress to 50 had me collecting the same ugly pieces of armor pieces till max level which was very lame which gave me a sense of..."god I hate my ugly ass character." And that's exactly how I felt. I felt like my character was just...I dunno...weak? I know you can get awesome looking armor down the road, but I've lost patience in that sense. 

    Rift had me feeling disconnected from the world and my character which is a big thing for me when playing this type of game. Without the social aspect the game would be a pile of turds. I'm not bashing it, but lets be honest. The game is lacking in story and narrative which was discussed in one the latest issues of Game Informer with the games dev team and they agreed. They said they'd work on it, but I feel like I'm paying to play an unfinished product and that's a huge turn off. 

    The game has great implementations and neat trade skills. I had a lot of fun playing the game don't get me wrong and it's a wonderful game, but there are some major turn offs for me as a gamer. Maybe I'm just becoming more difficult to impress because I've played so many mmorpgs. Who knows, but I will be playing Guild Wars 2 when it comes out. I'm very impressed with the environments/gameplay and it's art style looks very good. I can't wait for it and will branch Deinos Tyrannis to that game!

    Ventrilo will stay up and I'll try to put more content on the site when I get a chance. I've just been busy and catching back up on my Xbox gaming which I have missed dearly. Catch me online as: i ic3 c01d i. See you guys later, I'll be sure to hop on vent more often to visit. Later.

We've Transferred!

Qualls, Mar 18, 12 8:41 PM.

    YES! We've transferred from the lowly populated server Byriel to a higher populated server named Deepwood. If you haven't transferred your character(s) yet then please do! It's free and at no charge to the player and once you transfer your toon to Deepwood you will not need to worry about getting a guild invite, it should automatically add as soon as you click Transfer in the character select screen of Rift. Hope to see ya soon!



fatsso, Mar 7, 12 3:32 AM.

We're trying to get enough people, we're close but not there yet. We are getting through guild quests a lot faster now and have been pugging a lot of raids, so gratz on the loots. Sign up for raids and try to talk people into joining our guild. 

Raiding and "teh" 50s.

Qualls, Feb 18, 12 11:17 PM.

    There are some new 50s in the past few weeks including Bako and Sadisticha! I'm trailing at 48 ;). With that being said some of us have been pairing up with another guild to do some raids and each one has been a success. Let's keep pouring in new members and keep the trend going. Grats to all the new 50s and a huge thanks to one of our newest members and raid leaders Fats, who has been a tremendous help so far since he was invited not even two weeks ago! Great job guys!

New Memberships

Qualls, Feb 18, 12 11:04 PM.

Starting today, if you leave the guild you may not under any circumstance be allowed to rejoin the guild. Guild hopping is strictly forbidden. 

Lastly, it is also mandatory that every new member create a profile on and apply to the guild within a week. Failure to do so will have you removed. We are looking for people willing to get involved. When people see our website and see we only have 4 active members who participate in guild activities, that just doesn't look good and hurts our recruiting. So if you're not registered yet you need to do so promptly or risk being removed from our guild roster.

Ventrilo is also REQUIRED if you want to raid with us. It just makes things exceptionally easy on the group as a whole.
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